Zombies are reanimated, mindless, decaying corpses with a hunger for human brains. They are the main antagonists of Bloom and Doom, as the objective of the game is to prevent them from eating the player's brains. Zombies, like their defensive counterparts the plants, are varied in strength as well as speed, and command unique aspects which must be countered appropriately.

A total of 60 zombies appear in the game

List of Zombies

Chapter 1: The Zombie outbreak of 17'

Name Image Toughness Health Speed Special First appears in
Average 10 Basic Tutorial Level 1
Conehead Zombie
Protected 28 Basic Tutorial Level 3
Buckethead Zombie
Hardened 65 Slow Tutorial Level 4
Flag Zombie
Flag Zombie
Avrage 10 Hungry Signals a huge wave of zombies approaching Tutorial Level 2
Speedy Zombie
Speedy Zombie
Solid 12 Speedy Walks a lot faster then regular zombies Frontyard - Level 3
Pole Vaulter Zombie
Pole Vaulter
Solid 16 Flighty


Rushes into the screen, jumping over the first plant she encounters Frontyard - Level 5
Great 200 Hungry Crushes plants, throws an Imp when taken 100 damage Frontyard - Level 10
Fragile 8 Hungry Thrown by Gargantuars Frontyard - Level 10
Newspaper Zombie
Newspaper Zombie
Protected 24 Basic


Gets faster whenever Newspaper breaks
Screen-door Zombie
Screen Door Zombie
Dense 40 Stiff


Has a screen-door as a sheild
American Football Zombie
American Football zombie
Machined (In-game: Hardened) 75 Flighty


Rushes into the screen and tackles the first plant it encounters for 50 damage.
Disco Zombie
Disco Zombie
Protected 18 Speedy


Spawns four Backup Dancers around itself for protection
Backup Dancer
Backup Dancer
Avrage 10 Basic Gets summoned by Disco Zombies
Duckytube Zombie
Duckytube Zombie
Avrage 10 Basic Can only appear in the pool lanes, comes in Cone, bucket and flag variants
Snorkel Zombie
Snorkel Zombie
Solid 15 Hungry Submerges underwater and avoids straight shooting projectiles
Hardened 58 Stiff Crushes plants and leaves behind an Ice trail
Zombie Bobsled Team
Bobsled Zombie-0

(Dense for the whole group)

10 per zombie Speedy


Appears in groups of Four on the ice trails left by Zomboni
Lifeguard Zombie
Lifeguard Zombie
Protected 24 Basic Pulls plants on the water lanes out of the water lanes
Dolphin Rider Zombie
Dolphin Rider
Solid 14 Flighty


Rushes into the screen, jumping over the first plant he encounters
Foggy Nights
Balloon Zombie
Balloon Zombie
Dense 37 Swifty Hovers past your defenses
Miner Zombie
Miner Zombie
Machined 54 Flighty


Digs past your defenses and appears on the fourth lane
Pogo Zombie
Pogo Zombie
Protected 24 Speedy


Jumps over multiple plants at once
Jack-in-the-box Zombie
Jack in the Box
Solid 18 Swifty Explodes in a 3x3 area whenever the song finishes playing.
Bungee Zombie
Bungee Zombie
Protected 20 Unmoving Steals plants and drops zombies down your defenses
Ladder Zombie
Ladder Zombie
Hardened 58 Hungry


Places a ladder on the first defensive plant it encounters, allowing zombies to bypass it
Cactapult Zombie
Hardened 48 Hungry


Fires basketballs at the most dangerous plants in the lane
Brickhead Zombie
Brickhead Zombie
Machined 120 Stiff Kind of a big deal
Fisherman Zombie
Fisher Zombie
Protected 24 Basic


Hooks your plants to the right
Barrlehead Zombie
Barrlehead Zombie
Machined 120 Stiff Also kind of a big deal
Windy Days
Trashcan Zombie
Trashcan Zombie
Machined 100 Basic Has a trashcan that absorbs an absurd amount of damage
Target Zombie
Target Zombie
Great 400

(10 for Zombie)



Distracts plants. Can be killed with ease using pults
Giga American Football Zombie
Giga AF Zombie
Great 112 Flighty


Crashes into the lawn and defeats all zombies and enviorment modifiers in her path.

When it reaches a plant it stops

Giga Gargantuar
Undying 400 Speedy Plan 1: RUN!

Plan 2: Kill him

Plan 3: Can't execute cuz u ded

Pied Piper Zombie
Pied Piper Zombie
Protected 27 Slow Releases Zombie Mice when damaged enough
Zombie Mouse
Mouse Zombie
Fragile 0.87 Flighty Gets released by Pied Piper Zombies
Dog-walker Zombie
Dog Walker
Solid 16 Hungry Has his dog in front of him, protecting him from damage
Biodome Botanist Zombie
Protected 23 Basic Creates a peashooter that cannot be dug up on a random tile
Paparazi Zombie
Solid 12 Speedy Blinds plants with the flash on their camera
Snowplower Zombie
Dense 48 Hungry Drives a snowplower that moves both Zombies and Plants to the life
Ice skating Zombies
Protected 25 Speedy Skates around the frozen pool and changes lanes
December Nights
Exploding Imp
Exploding Imp
Fragile 8 Swifty Crashes into the screen and explodes in a 3x3 area
Coffin Zombie
Coffin Zombie
Undying 1000 Creeper Wow
Icehead Zombie
Machined 120 Stiff Even more of a big deal
Heal Zombie
Heal Zombie
Hardened 65 Slow Keeps zombies around her alive
Winter Roof
Sun Magnet Zombie
Sun Magnet
Solid 15 Basic Drags and collects your sun.
Ski Zombie
Ski Zombie
Protected 21 Flighty


Skis and flies two rows when reaching a snow pile. Then walks normaly
Footsolider Zombie
Dense 34 Swifty Lands on random locations on the screen
Engineer Zombie
Protected 30 Slow Builds a teleporter that spawns zombies
Scientict Zombie
Protected 28 Hungry Warps into the screen and deploys a heal station that heals zombies in a 3x3 area
General Foily Boss Fight
The Coat Horde*
Coat Horde
Undying 1000 Basic A huge wave of 100 classic Zombies Foily Boss Square 1
Disco King
Disco King
Great 500 Hungry A mini-boss that summons Disco Zombies around him and they summon backup dancers Foily Boss Square 4
Aqua Troop*
Aqua Troop
Great 685 Hungry A group of ~60 Snorkel Zombies that submerges underwater at all times, even when eating Foily Boss Square 5
The Feindish Eight*
Feindish Eight
Boss 2150 Swifty A horde of Eight Balloon Zombies that moves a bit quicker then the normal Balloon Zombies, they also got more health Foily Boss Square 9
Bungee Club*
Suicide Squad
Machined 126 Unmoving You need to kill them all, or else this wont end Foily Boss Square 13
Pirate von Pirate Zombie
Boss 2387 Unmoving A pirate who spends all of her time laughing at you during this battle, where she summons hordes of barrelhead zombies Foily Boss Square 17
Giga Giga American Football Zombie
Thot Zombie
Boss 4000 Flighty Be gone, THOT Foily Boss Square 19
Glitter Ice Zombie
Great 575 Speedy Skates around the ice and moves around your plants so they won't hit her Foily Boss Square 20
General Foily (Phase 1)
Boss 5000 Unmoving Summons zombies in big hordes. You can only damage her hands that she puts on the far right and left side of the lawn. Foily Boss Battle Finale
General Foily (Phase 2) 3500 Uses a gun that charges up before shooting that kills both plants and zombies in its wake
General Foily (Phase 3) 4000 Shifting She isn't that.. huge any longer and appears on either side of the lawn, summoning zombies that face the towoards the center of the lawn
General Foily (Phase 4) 10,000 Unmoving Becomes huge again and is now hunting for blood, summoning waves of Giga-Gargs and smashes plants with her own hands

Symbols Refrence

  • A * means that the toughness this boss is described with counts all of the zombies in the group

Almanac Stats

Speed Rates:

  • Creeper - Takes 7.5 seconds to move one square. (0.133 square/second)
  • Stiff - Takes 6.75 seconds to move one square. (0.148 square/second)
  • Slow - Takes 5.50 seconds to move one square (notgonnabother square/second)
  • Basic - Takes 5.0 seconds to move one square. (0.2 square/second)
  • Hungry - Takes 3.75 seconds to move one square. (0.266 square/second)
  • Speedy - Takes 2.5 seconds to move one square. (0.4 square/second)
  • Swifty - Takes 1 second to move one square. (1 square/second)
  • Flighty - Takes 0.5 seconds to move one square. (2 squares/second)

Toughness Rates:

  • Fragile - Absorbs 0.25-4.5 normal damage shots.
  • Average - Absorbs 10 normal damage shots.
  • Solid - Absorbs 12-16 normal damage shots.
  • Protected - Absorbs 17-30 normal damage shots.
  • Dense - Absorbs 34-50 normal damage shots.
  • Hardened - Absorbs 51-85 normal damage shots.
  • Machined - Absorbs 90-125 normal damage shots.
  • Great - Absorbs 180-600 normal damage shots.
  • Undying - Absorbs 650-1475 normal damage shots.
  • Boss - Absorbs 2400+ normal damage shots.


  • Conehead Zombie is the only Female Zombie that dosn't have any visible breasts
  • The Speedy Zombie's real name is Ellie, as seen in one of the teaser trailers.
  • The Newspaper zombie's newspaper shows the headline "Idiot zooms into newspaper carried by zombie"
  • The Screendoor zombie uses the unused Classic Zombie's female texture.
  • The Snorkel zombie is the first confirmed LGTBQ zombie
  • The Zomboni refrences Weed in his almanac entry
  • The Balloon zombie is the only zombie to be under 16 years of age. The follow up zombie, at 16 years of age is the Jack-in-the-Box Zombie.
  • Brickhead Zombie is the only "basic" zombie to not have a tie.
  • The Giga American Football zombie was called "A thot with makeup and a choker" by a Classic Zombie during one of the Teaser Trailers.
  • Ice Skating zombie bears a striking recemblance to The Player
  • Heal Zombie is the only bald female zombie
  • Ski Zombie is the only zombie to start moving slower when reaching something other then plants.
  • Footsolider Zombie bears the Concept verison of General Foily
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