This is a page of Rules on this god forsaken wiki.


  • Don't be a cunt
  • If you can't make a proper signature, don't use it
  • One language. English
  • Swearing is fucking allowed as long as it isn't meant to insult others "e.g: Fuck ya cunt"
    • But please don't say fuck in every fucking sentance, for fuck sake.
  • Don't steal ya thif
  • Don't do this
    • I looked through this page and wonderd what this link lead to
    • I rick rolled myself
    • We've come full circle
  • Don't vandalize
  • Always follow the fucking wikia rules
  • Don't be a wall street journal and speak about this:
    • Religion
    • Politics
    • Controversial subjects in the #drama alert
    • Crime
    • Suicide, homicide and death
    • Drugs
    • Pepole fucking eachother (sex)
  • Don't fucking tell others to ignore this page
  • Don't sockpuppet (this rule is written by Harry)
  • Let pepole bust a wall-nut alone
  • Don't soft edit for badges.
  • Don't use any template that hasn't my aproval. And whit that I mean the stupid cunt running this wiki
  • Don't say that this wiki is shit

Images and Videos

  • Don't post pr0n
  • Don't post swasticas
  • Don't name images wmefouerngilegnwerifunaeligusogbae
  • Don't steal pepoles images whitout their watermark/credit/permission
  • Upload images whit at least 10 pixles

Making Pages

  • This is a Fan-Wiki, but that dosn't mean that you can just make a page, MY aproval first.
  • Ideas will go to a certain forum place I will make soon

Staff Policy

  • Never use your powers for more then you should
  • Don't be lil bitch
  • Be a good example to every cunt who enters this place
  • Say why you do shit like banning pepole
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