Plants are living organisms that belong to the Plantae kingdom. They obtain most of their energy from sunlight in a process called photosynthesis. However, not all plants absorb energy via photosynthesis. They are the protagonists of Bloom and Doom and the player's main defense against the undead assailants.

List of Plants

Chapter 1

Plant Name Image Description Plant Food ability Sun Cost Recharge Time Obtained
Fires peas at attacking zombies Fires a barrage of 60 peas during three seconds 100 Fast Availible at the start of the game
Produces extra sun, very important plant Produces 200 Sun instantly 50 Fast Tutorial Level 1
Blocks off zombies to protect your other plants. Restores all of it's health and gets a shell and can resist another 100 bites 75 Mediocre Tutorial Level 2
Potato Mine
Potato Mine
Explodes on contact, but takes some time to arm itself Creates two armed copies and arms itself 25 Sluggish Tutorial Level 3
Snow Pea
Fires peas that both damages and slows zombies down Fires a barrage of chilly peas 150 Fast Frontyard - Level 2
Cherry Bomb
Cherry Bomb
Explodes in a 3x3 area, destroying most of the stuff within its range N/A 150 Mediocre Frontyard - Level 5
Fires two peas in one burst Fires a huge barrage and then one massive pea that dose 50 damage 175 Fast Frontyard - Level 7
Devours a zombie whole, and takes some time to chew, just to not rush the meal. Sucks 3 zombies in the lane into its mouth and then *ahem* "Pushes" the rest back. 150 Fast Frontyard - Level 8
Sun-shroom Sun-shrooms produces sun worth 15 at first, but then grows to produce 25, and then grows once more to make 50 Grows to max size and spits out 200 sun 25 Fast
Puff-shroom Short-ranged shooter Fires a barrage of spores and triggers all Puff-shrooms to do the same 0 Fast
Fume-shroom Fires fumes that passes through zombies and sheilds Pushes back and damages all zombies in the lane 75 Fast
Grave Buster Destroys the grave it is planted ontop of N/A 75 Mediocre
Hypno-shroom Makes zombies eating it turn around and attack their own The zombie eating it turns into a hypno-gargantuar 125 Sluggish
Scaredy-shroom Long ranged shooter that hides whenever zombies gets to close Becomes immune to getting scared and then fires a barrage of spores 25 Fast
Ice-shroom Explodes and freezes all zombies on the screen N/A 175 Mediocre
Doom-shroom Explodes in a wide area and leaves a crater in her wake. N/A 250 Slow

Almanac Stats

Recharge time:

  • Fast - 5 seconds
  • Mediocre - 15 seconds
  • Sluggish - 20 seconds
  • Slow - 35 seconds
  • Very Slow - 60 seconds (45 for Electric Blueberry, 75 for Gold Bloom)

Damage rates: (Lvl. 1)

  • Light - 0.25 to 1 normal damage shot (0.5x speed)
  • Normal - 0.25 or 1 normal damage shots
  • Moderate - 1.5 to 3 normal damage shots
  • Heavy - 4 to 6 normal damage shots
  • Medium - 5 normal damage shots
  • Huge - 27.5 to 50 normal damage shots
  • Massive - 60 or more normal damage shots

Toughness rates: (Lvl. 1)

  • Typical - 3 bites from zombies (1.5 for Puff-shroom, 0.5 for Hypno-shroom, Sun Bean, and Shadow-shroom)
  • Elevated - 20 bites from zombies (30 for Endurian, 15 for Chard Guard, 12 for Celery Stalker and Garlic)
  • High - 40 bites from zombies (30 for Explode-O-Nut)
  • Very High - 80 bites from zombies
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