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''Peashooter is the first and primary attacking plant received in every game in the Bloom and Doom game. She is a peashooting plant that shoots one pea every 1.5 seconds, dealing one normal damage shot per pea.


Like most other pea-shooting plants, Peashooter is based on the plant Pisum sativum. The term peashooter is normally used to refer to a toy version of a blowgun, or as a slang for small or low-caliber firearms, referring to how weak she is in the BnD games. The name also refers to the fact that Peashooter shoots peas.

Update History

  • V 1.0: The peashooter was added into the game
  • V 1.0.3: The peashooter's fire speed was delayed to 1.5 seconds

Almanac Entry


Fires peas at attacking zombies

  • Sun Cost: 100
  • Recharge: Fast
  • Toughness: Typical
  • Damage: Normal
  • Range: Straight
  • Plant Food: Duration

Other plants keeps on taunting the Peashooter for how weak she is on the battlefeild. "At least im not as lazy as you, cuz you be joining the fight so late!" she says. And everyone loses it


Plant Food effect

When given Plant Food, Peashooter becomes a fast-shooting Gatling Pea, shooting 60 peas in two seconds.


Peashooter functions like a "Basic Plant". However, usage of the Zen Garden will allow just one Peashooter to dispatch even a Buckethead Zombie with little trouble. Boosted Peashooters are quite cheap and very effective against zombies. After that, dig it up with Shovel Boost to get some sun refund or leave her to stall zombies.



  • Many of Peashooter's textures, such as her bottom leaves and its head, are used in images of other plants.
  • She originally had leaves for her eyebrows, similar to Repeater. However, it was later changed to simply have no visible eyebrows at all.
  • She appears in the most Brain Busters out of any plant.
  • She, Puff-shroom, Wall-nut and Jalapeño are the only plants referenced to in another plant's Suburban Almanacdescription. Peashooter and Jalapeño are referenced in the Imitater's entry.

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