Frontyard is the first world in Bloom and Doom. The player's real journey starts here. There are 10 levels in this world, 8 plants to be obtained and 8 new zombies to fight against.

In this world there are no special levels or mechanics that the player has to worry about. There are five lanes and normal zombies that appear normally.

New Plants

New Zombies

Order of Events




Hence this veing the first world in the game, it has a simple two in difficulty. There are however some hard Gates that may be difficult for new players, but it is generally easy for everyone.

Tutorial Levels

Level Plants Zombies Flags Notes Prize
1 Peashooter Zombie 0 Un-Canon Tutorial Sunflower
2 PeashooterSunflower ZombieFlag Zombie 1 Wall-Nut
3 PeashooterSunflowerWall-Nut ZombieFlag ZombieConehead 1 Potato Mine
4 PeashooterSunflowerWall-NutPotato Mine ZombieFlag ZombieConeheadBuckethead 1 Map of Progression

Main Levels

Level Plants Zombies Flags Notes Prize
1 Choice ZombieConeheadFlag Zombie 1 Coin Jar
2 Choice ZombieConeheadFlag ZombieBuckethead 1 Snow Pea
3 Choice ZombieConeheadFlag ZombieSpeedy Zombie 1 Coin Jar
4 SunflowerSnow PeaWall-NutPotato Mine ZombieConeheadFlag ZombieBucketheadSpeedy Zombie 2 Locked and Loaded Brain Buster Key
5 Wall-Nut ZombieConeheadFlag ZombiePole Vaulter 1 Wall-Nut Bowling Cherry Bomb
6 Choice ZombieConeheadFlag ZombieSpeedy ZombiePole Vaulter 1 Grasswalk
7 Choice ZombieConeheadFlag ZombieBucketheadSpeedy Zombie 2 Repeater
8 Choice ZombieConeheadFlag ZombieBucketheadSpeedy ZombiePole Vaulter 2 Last Stand Chomper
9 Choice ZombieConeheadFlag ZombieBucketheadPole Vaulter 1 Note
10 PeashooterWall-NutPotato MineSnow PeaCherry BombRepeaterChomper ZombieConeheadFlag ZombieBucketheadSpeedy ZombiePole VaulterGargantuarImps 2 Massive Attack Sun Trophy

Brain Busters

This world has a total of Three Brain Buster Gates.

Gate 1, Locked and Loaded

Locked and Loaded is a gate containing four levels. These levels have the game choosing which plants you should bring into the level. This gate is availible after compleating Level 4.

Gate 2, Wall-Nut Bowling

Wall-Nut bowling is a gate containing four levels, these levels have you using Wall-Nuts to bowl over zombies to defend your house. This gate is availible after compleating Level 5.

Gate 3, Last Stand

Last Stand is a gate containing four levels. These levels have you plan out your defense before the zombies attack your house. This gate is availible after compleating Level 8.


Grasswalk is the Endless Zone of Frontyard. The player can unlock the endless zone after beating the sixth day of the world. The player can practice fighting against an endless amount of levels that get progressively harder.





  • This world is the only one with only 10 main levels.
  • Acording to the game's developer, the house was built on top of a cliff.
  • It is the only world to have levels that dosn't appear on the map.
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